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Film & TV
Mr. Sleepy, feature film.

Role: Jack.

Director: Leo X. Robertson.

Production: Leo X. Robertson.

Dear God, short film.

Role: Paal Saerheim.

Director: Ivar Aase.

Production: Aase & Wiig.

Supurbia, short film.

Role: Rolf Tore.

Director: Alexander Gudmestad.

Production: Leader Films.

Front fighters, tv series. (NRK)

Role: Haubtsturmfürer Ragnar Berg.

Director: Alexander Kristiansen.

Production: Filmavdelingen As.


A Matter of Causality, feature film. (Amazon Prime)

Role: Henry Carter.

Director: Annarie Boor.

Production: Tapping Frog Productions.


Vidar the Vampire, feature film. (Amazon Prime)

Role: Antagonist - The Vampire. (Nominated best supporting actor by FilmQuest)

Director: Thomas Aske Berg/Fredrik Waldeland.

Production: UFOh!

Stå i ro, music video. 

Artist: Tommy Fredvang.

Director: Sarah Hestnes.

Production: Chaperone Film.


110% Honest, feature film. (Premieres August 2019)

Role: Kim's brother.

Director: Jannicke Systad Jacobsen.

Production: Ape&Bjørn As.


The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, campaign.

Role: Astronaut.

Director: Mathis Tjøtta Odden.

Production: AVIA Produksjon.


VisitDenmark, commercial.

Role: Main.

Director: Niclas Lisbygd.

Production: VisitDenmark.

Gale, short.

Role: Antagonist. 

Director: Ivar Aase.

Production: Six Feet Above.

Run, short.

Role: Karl.           

Director: Jørgen Langhelle.

Production: Manuelfilm.

The last brother, short.

Role: Mikael.

Director: Magnus Giertsen.

Production: UIS.

Sleepless dreams, short.

Role: Vidar. 

Director: Hanne Martine Cotton.

Production: UIS.

Damn Aliens, tv series.

Role: Karl Sleeten.  

Director: Jørund Kopren.

Production: Tv Vest.

Theater & Live Performance

The full monty, musical.

Role: Jerry Lukowski, lead. 

Director: Camilla Ystanes.

Production: Fantefølge.

Strålande jul, charity concert. 

Arranger and artist.

Production: Skrettingland. 

A cliche-filled evening, musikal concert.


Production: The ensemble.

Pay it forward, farce.

Role: Mr. Fjeldstad.

understudy for Espen Hana.

Director: Cato Skimten Storengen.

Production: The Follies revyproduksjoner. 


Love in the land of lanterns, comedie.

Role: Marselius Bruland.
Director: Frank Robert Andreassen. 

Production: Fantefølget. 

The wedding dance, musical.

Role: Klas.

Director: Camilla Ystanes. 

Production: Fantefølget.


Belt hero, live campaign.

Role: Superhero.

Production: Medvind.


Hairspray, musical.

Role: Corny Collins.

Director: Frank Robert Andreassen.

Production: Hå kulturskole.

Sonny, musical.

Role: Bit part.

Director: Bjørn Ravn Carlsen. 

Production: Rogaland Teater.


Edels party, act play.

Role: Ruben.

Director: Camilla Ystanes. 

Production: Fantefølget.



Voice over


Director: Alexander Kristiansen.

Production: Filmavdelingen.

Horribly mutated people.

Youtube series.

Director: Mikael Åsbjørnson-Hodne.

Production: Persille.

The mishap of Statfjord B.

Museum exhibitions.

Production: BitMap.

Made for The Norwegian Petroleum Museum.

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