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"On stage, Brigt is gold. He is a remarkable actor. He is always cheerful, positive and enters the room with a great energy. To succeed he needs experience, experience, experience." 

- Espen Hana

Brigt Skrettingland; hailing from Jæren in Norway, is an actor that learned from experience and through determination and commitment, he has gained just that, experience. Starting with smaller bit parts at Rogaland Theatre in 2011, moving on to a lead role in the musical "The Full Monty" and most recently, the antagonist in the feature film "Vidar the Vampire".


Skrettingland cares for the continuity of which he is a part of, leading to the development and production of a Christmas charity concert "Strålande Jul" in support of Ida's Hjelpefond.

In Skrettingland's own words: "I remember something my father said to me as a child. I was sweeping the floor of our barn, while thinking it was unfair that my brother got to drive the tractors. He said, "If the only thing you are allowed to do in life, is to sweep a floor, then sweep that floor as it has never been swept before, and you'll see that bigger things will come your way. It is a life lesson I have taken with me into the world of acting. Hard work is the key, wherever you are." 

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